Fondo Emprender of Sena institution will support victims entrepreneurial projects for 8,000 million pesos

This Fund, which was created 15 years ago, has a total of 90,000 million pesos available for 2018 to promote the creation of 996 new business ideas and generate 5,478 potential jobs.

Bogotá, D.C.Bogotá, D.C.

Sena institute officially launched the national entrepreneurial sponsoring program for 90,000 million pesos to support projects throughout the country along with the attendance of Sena director José Antonio Lizarazo as well as the Director of the Unit for Victims assistance Yolanda Pinto Afanador. Out of these these resources 8 billion will be used exclusively to support victims entrepreneurship projects. 

"One of the greatest concerns of the victims, as well as for the majority of Colombians, is employability, how to generate income, how to build their life project. This is an opportunity we must celebrate, "said the Director of the Victims Unit.

Yolanda Pinto recalled that so far during the Government of President Santos, the Emprender Fund has opened two exclusive entrepreneurial calls for victims for 4,700 million pesos from which 69 projects have been promoted, and 29 have been for women.

"We will focus the program in the best way possible so that it contributes to the beneficiaries when building their life project. What we say to the victims is that regardless of permanent state follow up procedures they will have to be released at a given moment, because if we continue spoon-feeding them we may cause more harm than good "added the Director of the Unit.

In addition to support for entrepreneurship, SENA and the Victims Unit have generated employment opportunities for more than 160,000 victims since 2015, equivalent to 58% of the applications submitted to the entity. Of those opportunities, more than 90,000 were for women.

"The Government of President Santos has made the largest investment so far in the Entrepreneurship Fund. There are 360,000 million pesos, 4,324 companies created, 20,185 direct jobs. There is no entrepreneurship platform in Latin America with such important results, "said the Director of SENA.

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