More than 160,000 victims in Nariño will benefit from actions taken by the Unit in 11 PDET municipalities

The director of the Victims Unit presented, in Tumaco, the intervention strategy lines in the department of Nariño, which is part of the PDET (Development Programs with Territorial Approach) of the Pacific and Nariño Border.


The director of the Victims Unit, Ramón Alberto Rodríguez, said that in the area of ​​prevention, the Unit intends to allocate resources for humanitarian emergency care; have updated contingency plans and management to access the subsidiary support mechanism, associated with the delivery of immediate humanitarian aid and the concurrence support mechanism, related to agricultural and social and community infrastructure projects to strengthen humanitarian response capacity.

In the department of Nariño, the municipalities of Barbacoas, El Charco, La Tola, Magüí Payán, Mosquera, Olaya Herrara, Francisco Pizarro, Ricaurte, Roberto Payán, Santa Bárbara and San Andrés de Tumaco are prioritized.

“In the 11 municipalities of this PDET region of the Pacific coast of Nariño, we have registered 162,000 victims, corresponding to 33 percent of the population. We have already identified the strategic lines of intervention for this region and we prioritize these lines in matters of reparation, especially in collective reparation, without ignoring individual reparation, returns and relocations, emotional recovery and psychosocial attention” added the director.

In the issue of collective reparation, the processes of collective reparation in the territory, its state and the actions contemplated in the plans will be identified so that, from the administrations, they accompany and participate in the reparation of the communities, organizations or groups.

In the face of returns and relocations, the entity seeks to boost the processes identified in the territories through the formulation or implementation of plans.

According to director Rodríguez, in psychosocial rehabilitation, “what we want is to support the implementation of the Program of psychosocial and integral health care for victims (PAPSIVI), through the Secretariats of Health, through the allocation of resources or knowledge transfer”.

These interventions are related to public policy issues “the budget is more than one billion pesos for individual reparation, it is an effort that has been made with the Ministry of Finance, with the National Planning Department, to achieve the resources, also the savings within the Unit and making the issues of humanitarian care more and more tight”, added Ramón Rodríguez.

At the end of the day developed in the south of the country, the director of the Victims Unit held a meeting with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Colombia transforms. “With them we seek to strengthen the Regional Center for Victim Assistance in the municipality of Tumaco, there we seek to make a series of modifications and adjustments that will allow us to attend between 300 or 400 victims of the conflict in Tumaco, which demands service in this regional center”, The official said.

In the PDET municipalities in the department of Nariño 162,523 victims of conflict are registered, this is equivalent to 35.2% of the population of 11 municipalities.