The Victims Unit is part of the #Reconocimientoafro (AfroRecognition)

For two days, the Victims Unit accompanied the Ministry of the Interior in commemorating Afro-Colombian Day.

With activities in the Territorial Directorates and with #ReconocimientoAfro delivered to employees of the Unit, the commemoration of the Afro-Colombian Day was held, which takes place on the same date in which slavery was abolished and in compliance with the Decade of Afro-descendants of the ONU.

This event was attended by representatives of Social Prosperity Department, the Land Restitution Unit, the National Land Agency, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute and the Ministry of the Interior, as host. Representatives of the Mayor's Office of Riohacha also attended, which was recognized for its management with black communities and the Afro-Colombian population.

"We want to promote a working group to improve our articulation mechanisms in order to fulfill the commitments we have with the communities, which continue to be vulnerable," said Catalina Velásquez, Coordinator of Differential Approach in the Department for Social Prosperity.

On the other hand, Dora María Yagarí, director of Ethnic Affairs of Victims Unit, highlighted the importance of these spaces to promote the link between collaborators of the institutions working for the black, Afro-Colombian, Raizales and Palenquero communities.

The host, Libardo Asprilla, director of Afro-Colombian, Afro-Colombian, Raizales and Palenqueras Affairs of Interior Ministry, stressed the importance of interinstitutional articulation and took advantage of this scenario to tell other entities how their management is organized, what their functions are and what the progress that has been made from there.

At the end of the event, the Caribbean New Style group was presented, who with rhythms from San Adres accompanied Nazly Blandón, a woman victim of the conflict and an official of the National Land Agency, who highlighted the work of those who work with black communities, the Afro-Colombian population and the towns raizales and palenquero.