The Unit for the Victims ranked first in institutional performance among the social inclusion sector entities

According to the entity’s Director, Ramon Rodriguez, this achievement pushes the institution to keep all quality processes aimed at excellence, seeking the best care for the victims.

Bogotá, D.C.Bogotá, D.C.

At the V Governments’ Strategic Planning Meeting on May 28th, the results of the Management Progress Report Single Form (FURAG in its Spanish acronym) were socialized by the Public Function Administrative Department.

According to these results and for the first time, the Unit for the Victims ranks first in the Social Inclusion sector (Unit for Victims, Social Prosperity Department, ICBF and Historical Memory Center), with a rating of 94.3%, improving by almost 10 percentage points in the performance index.

The Public Function Department stated the result was due to all its collaborators’ effort and the aim to set towards excellence, which placed the Unit 4.8% above the average of the sector's entities in terms of institutional performance.

The Unit’s Director highlighted this 2020 term accomplishment. “We achieved the highest score of 94.3%, surpassing entities that are part of the Social Inclusion Sector. The challenge is to continue maintaining these results, increasing all quality processes always aimed at the entity's excellence, and seeking the best aid for the victims,” he noted.

According to the Public Function Department’s balance, the Unit showcases important progress compared to previous years’ results (2019 68.1%; 2020, 84.9% and 2021 94.3%) where Citizen Services stand out with 98.1%; Human Talent Strategic Management with 96.4%; Document Management with 96.3% and Public Management Citizen Participation with 95.9%.

Although Budgetary Management, Efficiency in Public Expenditure and Procedures Rationalization improved performance regarding 2019 management, these items must be consolidated to achieve higher performance levels.

Similarly, Information and Communication, as well as Results Management stand out in the Management and Performance dimensions index analysis with 93.2% each.

It is also worth mentioning that in the final report, the Social Inclusion and Reconciliation sector, the one the Unit for the Victims belongs to, is ranked second in the Institutional Performance Index among 23 sectors evaluated that apply to the Integrated Management and Planning Model (MIPG in its Spanish acronym).