For almost 9.000 USD, the mansion of Colombian former paramilitaries was leased in an auction

The Montecasino mansion, former property of the paramilitary brothers Castaño and managed by the Fund for the Victims Reparation (FRV, in Spanish), was auctioned this Friday to lease it, for 27 million pesos (almost 9.000 USD) per month, to a tourism enterprise.


The mansion were brothers Fidel, Carlos and Vicente Castaño –now dead or disappeared- planned and even perpetrated their crimes, will serve now to repair the victims, as it was leased to a tourism enterprise this Friday in an auction that took place in the capital of the Antioquia department.

This amount, that will arrive each month to the FRV, will be used to compensate the people affected by those paramilitaries in Antioquia, recognized by a court ruling.

With the occupation of this building by the San Agustin enterprise, the FRV will “not only collect money for the FRV to pay the compensations for the victims, but also transform the meaning of this place, from the illegality to the legality”, assured Clemencia Melo, the coordinator of this Fund.

The building is one of the most valued assets given to the Fund, added the civil servant, which highlighted: “the justice and the reparation process are succeeding”. 

This court ordered interim measures of protection for the building, in favour of the victims. Consequently, the Prosecutor’s Office delivered it to the Victims’ Unit last August.

Until now, the mansion has been used as headquarters for Psycho-social Assistance Days for the Victims, overall victims of sexual abuse and others directed to youngsters and adults benefitted by the delivery of economic compensations.

The Fund for the Reparation of the Victims has under its management assets given by or taken from former members of Colombian illegal armed groups. In Antioquia, this Fund manages 437 goods. 

“They are 320 buildings in the countryside and 117 in urban municipalities. Some of them are located in good soils with farming potential, and are managed through rents, through rent-free agreements with the municipalities and with the victims associations that develop productive projects”, said the FRV coordinator.