The Unit and the Presidential Council for Women’s Equity join efforts to strengthen women conflict victims’ projects

The two entities seek to articulate financing and training actions for enterprises led by women that are part of the Single Victims Registry (RUV in its Spanish acronym).

Bogotá, D.C.Bogotá, D.C.

The Unit for the Victims’ Director, Ramon Rodriguez, and the Presidential Counselor for Women's Equity, Gheidy Gallo, reviewed the entrepreneurial projects aimed at women.

In a virtual meeting, the Director also explained the Unit for the Victim’s General Sub- Directorate strategy to the Counselor. "We need joint work to be able to strengthen many initiatives that are currently being consolidated," he said.

Rodríguez states the aim is to be able to coordinate financing and training actions with the Presidential Council: “At this time. According to our records, there are already 8,300 startups and there are many more under develop through the new startup platform we are consolidating.”

“We hope to have the characterization ready so we can decide which lines are needed both for training as well as for strengthening and financing issues. We also want to explore several alternatives such as support issues through Colombia Emprende, Innpulsa and the SENA. Everything is up to the characterization and what gets to be focused to strengthen the enterprises of women who are in the RUV," added the Unit’s Director.

The official strategy launch was discussed during the meeting, this plan aims at all women victims who have ventures in any part of the country, including enterprises born due to any mayor’s office initiative, a self-made venture, or one that started through one of the Unit for the Victims' projects that have received a seed capital to begin with. "All these initiatives are going to be merged. What we want to do is the platform’s official launch to strengthen the women victims’ enterprises," he said.