Government strengthens implementation using entrepreneurship and credit lines support with differential and gender focus

The Conpes document has an annex that gathers and introduces 50 specific and general actions, which are established by different national entities for the conflict women victims’ assistance and reparation.


Through Conpes 4031, approved on June 11th, and under the Vice Presidency, the Unit for the Victims, the Presidential Council for Women Equity and the National Planning Department’s leadership, the Government will strengthen the implementation of the Victims Attention and Reparation Policy with a differential and gender focus. This will be done with 50 specific and general actions established by different national entities for the conflict women victims’ assistance and reparation in Colombia.

Within the set of strategies there will be: entrepreneurship support with business strengthening; special credit lines delivery financing; sexual violence women victims affiliation to the Social Security in Health General System; psychosocial rehabilitation services; registration of women in their own name and/or as spouses in the Dispossessed and Forcibly Abandoned Lands Registry (RTDAF in its Spanish acronym), among other measures of prevention, protection, aid, assistance, reparation and participation.

Likewise, attention to the problems faced by women in the conflict context is materialized in the document, this is done through a specific offer of national entities that responds to gender risks and vulnerabilities to which they are exposed.

It should be noted that women and gender focus have been progressively incorporated into the different processes implemented in the prevention, protection, aid, assistance and integral reparation for victims during the 10 years of the Victims' Law.

January 8th, 2021’s 2078 Law sanctioned by President Ivan Duque, which extends the Victims and Land Restitution Law until 2031, has the purpose to keep the rights acquired by the victims, a commitment ratified through this Conpes document approval, which contains the main actions and goals of the national entities in the public policy of aid and reparation for the next 10 years.

The inclusion of the differential and gender focus will remain as a fundamental principle of the Victims and Land Restitution Law, through concrete actions in the different plans, programs and projects to advance in the rights guarantee of the Subjects of Special Protection in the measures of attention, assistance and integral reparation.