Almost 90% of victims of sexual violence in the middle of conflict in the Valley are women

In the department, at least 896 women were abused by one of the armed actors during the armed conflict. This May 25 is remembered and dignifies those who suffered these humiliations.

This Friday, May 25, marks the National Day for Dignity of Women Victims of Sexual Violence within the framework of Internal Armed Conflict. On this date, which was set in decree 1480 of 2014, it is remembered, dignified and makes visible to the ladies who in the middle of war suffered crimes against freedom and sexual integrity, suffering severe affectations not only to their bodies but to their mental and emotional health, as well as to development of their entire life.

In Valle del Cauca, the Single Victim Registry (RUV) accounts for 1,009 of victims of this type of crime, of which 89% are women. That is to say, there are 896 affected. The other cases correspond to men or to persons who identified themselves as LGBTI.

The municipality with the largest number of registers (according to the place of occurrence of the events) is Buenaventura, with 331 reports of women who were injured; followed by Tuluá, with 75; Cali, with 73 and Dagua, with 43.

"During the conflict, the body of women was in many cases the very territory of war. Huge damages were caused to people who had to continue with their lives for their families", said Fabiola Perdomo Estrada, territorial director of Unit in Valley.

Throughout the country, the Unit for Victims advances groups of these victims the Emotional Recovery Strategy of Women Victims of Armed Conflict, which are spaces where psychosocial support is provided to these people, who share their life stories and tools to help each other try to overcome life.

In these scenarios are heard stories like Sara*, who said that she was abused by members of Army on her farm, in the rural area of south of Valley.

"Since I no longer had a husband, one of the soldiers wanted me, but I refused to listen to him. In one night, when my children were already sleeping, he came with two other men to my house and he raped me. It was horrible, they almost finished with me. From that fact I have a daughter who is already big and who did not know her origin very recently". After what happened Sara moved to Cali.

In Colombia, 26,094 people are listed as victims of sexual violence in the context of the conflict. Of these, 89.5% are women, which corresponds to 23,363 cases.

* Name changed by request of the source.