Indigenous jiw del Meta received elements to improve living conditions during the contingency

The kits delivered correspond to the uses and customs of the jiw peoples who are in special serious emergency and chose to leave their usual settlements, as a decision for self-protection.


The Victims Unit, through a donation from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Government of Norway, and the support of the municipalities of Mapiripán and Puerto Concordia (Meta), delivered habitability kits to the jiw indigenous community of these two towns, who as a measure of self-protection by COVID-19, decided to isolate themselves within their territories temporarily.

The delivery was made in Caño la Sal reservations, Jiw Priorio Globo 5, Naxeal Put and Barrio Porvenir family of Yajaira in Puerto Concordia to 144 families and in the municipality of Mapiripán to the Naexal Lajt reservation to 213 families; which benefits 1,364 people from this indigenous community.

The delivered items are enclosure fabric, black plastics, finished blankets, hammock awning, thick hammocks, lace and polypropylene rope; which serve to strengthen housing and prevent respiratory or endemic diseases.

The Unit for Victims, through the Ethnic Affairs Directorate, managed to obtain these kits to continue accompanying these subjects who are in a special serious emergency and also provide the differential care that should be provided to the indigenous population jiw.

On the other hand, the territorial director of Meta and Llanos Orientales, stressed that serving these communities is important since, in addition to being victims of armed conflict, their rights as ancestral peoples and an important part of culture have been violated, and being considered semi-nomads, they are more vulnerable to the spread of new diseases such as the coronavirus.