Regional Victim Assistance Center in Tumaco was inaugurated by President Juan Manuel Santos

In the place they will be able to receive integral attention more than 110 thousand victims residing in Tumaco and survivors of conflict that they inhabit 10 municipalities of coast nariñense. The president emphatically rejected the murder of social leaders.

With the accompaniment of members of Municipal Table of Victims of Tumaco, the National Director of Victims Unit, Yolanda Pinto, and local authorities, President of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, inaugurated the Regional Victim Assistance Center (CRAV) in Tumaco.

The national leader began his speech emphatically rejecting the assassination of social leaders and rights defenders such as the one that happened in the last hours in Tumaco and those that occurred in the country.

In reference to the CRAV, the president indicated that this infrastructure will allow to dignify the attention to the community in the pacific coast of Nariño. "The purpose of this infrastructure is to provide life and procedures to victims of the conflict in Nariño and in all neighboring municipalities", he said.

After recalling, during his tour of Regional Center, that the victims have been recognized for the first time in the history of country and are the focus of the Peace Agreement with the FARC, the President highlighted the role that the survivors of conflict have had in these advances.

"Thanks to the work and the momentum of victims we achieved peace, which is not a perfect agreement since it is a negotiation, but the agreement we reached was a balanced agreement", said the Head of State, emphasizing that today the guerrilla have disarmed and it is time to promote social investment and development for victims and community in general.

Finally, the president said that people affected by the conflict are the owners of the country's post-conflict destiny and invited them to continue working to achieve the implementation of Agreement and compliance with the Victims Law (Law 1448 of 2011).

"You are the owners of this process, I invite you to keep that faith, that enthusiasm and the pressure so that the agreements are fulfilled and implemented correctly", said President Santos.

For its part, the director of Victims Unit, Yolanda Pinto Afanador, stressed that the CRAV of Tumaco is part of the historic effort of the current government to provide dignity to victims and repair them in a comprehensive manner.

"President Juan Manuel Santos, the only one who acknowledged us as victims, managed to build 170 service points throughout the country, which, added to the 28 Regional Centers, allow dignified coverage for victims' assistance; hiring process 4 other regional centers, all this effort is in favor of the victims", he said.

The CRAV of Tumaco had an approximate cost of $ 2.300 million, of which the Victims Unit contributed near 95%, and the municipality the other part. The municipalities of La Tola, Olaya Herrera, Santa Bárbara, Mosquera, Barbacoas, Magüi Payán, Roberto Payán, Francisco Pizarro, among others, will be in their direct area of ​​influence.

In Tumaco there was already a Service Point that served around 198,400 people between 2015 and 2017.

Nariño department  has another 2 CRAVs in Policarpa and El Charco municipalities and with 6 service points in Pasto, Ipiales, Ricaurte, Barbacoas, Tumaco and Samaniego. Last year, 196 thousand applications were made by nearly 148 thousand victims in all these places.

For the new CRAV of Tumaco there is a team available of 14 professional servers of the integral repair route: 8 counselors, 1 assistance link, 1 repair link, 2 notifiers, 1 compensation link and 1 manager for the operation of Regional Center and the coordination of the institutional offer of the entities of the National System of Attention and Integral Reparation to the Victims (SNARIV).